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Criminal Records and Criminal Background Checks at the state, county, and multi-state levels. Quick, reliable and secure access to criminal history records for employment screening, tenant screening, and personnel screening.

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Company Profile:

Most of the staff, management, and researchers at have been working with criminal searches for years. The company was started at time in which criminal data searches were offered only by large tenant and employment screening companies and only to large apartment communities and employers. Convinced that all businesses, landlords, roommates, and individuals should have the same access to criminal background checks without having to pay a premium price, was founded to fill that need. has the reach, scope, and experience of a dedicated team of researchers who have a long history of criminal background check screening - long before such reports were even available on the Internet. Because of the efficiency of providing these reports online, the discounted rates on criminal data offered to due to the volume of reports we process, and because we only accept credit cards and PayPal as the sole methods of payment, has achieved that goal of offering low prices to all.

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Hours of Operation:

General Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Eastern Time

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Turnaround Times:

Reports with a turnaround time listed in business days:


Business days are Monday-Friday - excluding court holidays.

Reports with a 4-hour turnaround time listed: 


Results returned by email within 4 hours if ordered M-F 9AM to 4PM Eastern Time - excluding the holidays listed below


Requests received M-F before 9AM will have results returned by 1PM Eastern Time the same day - excluding the holidays listed below.


Requests received M-F after 4PM Eastern Time or on the weekend will have results returned by 1PM Eastern Time the next business day - excluding the holidays listed below.

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Holidays: will closed for business on the following days:


New Years Day


Memorial Day


4th of July - Independence Day


Labor Day


Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday)


Christmas Day

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Contact Us:

By email:

By mail:

            P.O. Box 2051

            Woburn, MA 01888

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Privacy Policy:

No information that you submit to, including, but not limited to, your name, address, email address, or phone number is ever sold to or shared with any third parties for marketing purposes. Any information collected is only used to such an extent as is necessary to complete any report or perform any service that you have ordered from

For example, we use your email address only to contact you with the results of any report that you order or with any questions regarding your order. Once your report has been completed and the results have been emailed back to you, does not send you any future or follow-up emails -- unless, of course, you order future reports or contact us with any questions.

Your credit card information is only shared with Card Services International and the bank that issued your credit card in order to: 1. Verify that the cardholder is actually the same person placing the order and  2. Charge the account for the exact amount as shown on the final page that you receive when ordering any reports (the page with your order number printed on it). Card Services International is one of the largest credit card processing companies that handles online and offline purchases; they protect your credit card transaction information when you make a purchase through any one of their merchants, whether it's online like or offline like making a payment at a local store or restaurant. does not store your credit card information either electronically or on paper. A very limited number of specially trained personnel have limited access to the appropriate Card Services International records, but only access those records to the extent necessary to process a refund in the case of overpayment or to investigate a disputed charge. Exception: In cases where the cardholder disputes a charge on their credit card, a hard copy and electronic copy of any documentation regarding the dispute is kept on file for a period of 2 years.

To increase the security of your credit card information, does NOT accept phone orders or email requests to make additional charges to your credit card; this insures that no extra charges will ever be charged to your account by or any employee. Your credit card is only charged for the report(s) that you order directly on our website through our secure server, which uses SSL 128-byte encryption to protect your credit card and contact information.

Credit Card Fraud Exception: In cases of credit card fraud, or in any other cases as required by law, any and all information that  you submit will be shared with the appropriate bank and/or appropriate law enforcement agency(ies) in order to investigate any fraudulent use of someone else's credit card information and/or identity. If you are planning on using a stolen or lost credit card to place an order with, please be aware that we will cooperate completely with law enforcement and will provide your Internet I.P. address (the Internet address from which the transaction was initiated) and any other necessary information to assist in the investigation of any such fraud. (This is the online equivalent to the "All Shoplifters Will Be Prosecuted" signs that you see in many stores.)

Unless you are using a very, very old version of a web browser, you should have no trouble ordering on our secure server. If your web browser for any reason does not support this secure form of data encryption, you will see a blank white screen when trying to order and you will need to update your browser to the latest version. Most web browsers can be updated for free. If you do not encounter this problem, then the data from your transaction has been properly encrypted. If you do, for any reason, need a current version of a web browser, you can download a new or updated copy of Microsoft's Internet Explorer for free at the Microsoft Download Center.

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Anti-Spam Policy: does not send any unsolicited emails (SPAM). In fact, does not rely on email marketing at all; we have no mailing list of any kind and do not collect email or any other addresses for promotional purposes. If you have received an email that claims to be from encouraging you to buy something, then that email is not from Many spammers hide their identities by making their emails look as if they have come from a legitimate company. If you have any doubts if an email you have received is from our company, please feel free to contact us.

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